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At HV Cablepower we pride ourselves on providing a full and comprehensive service within the power industry whilst making sure that safety is paramount in our every day practice. We have a passion for safety and work on a safety first outlook for our team, contractors and customers, remaining incident and injury free.

We are committed to Health, Safety, Quality, Cross Cultural Awareness and Environment and work hard in maintaining policies and procedures to deliver a high quality service with a united team.

Dave Boyd

Dave Boyd


Dave has over 20 years experience in the cable jointing industry and is trained in all facets of cable jointing from street lighting up to 500kV, as a transmission Cable Jointer.

Dave Boyd and his team showed excellent technical skills, with Dave actively managing the team and performing excellent quality control on the work.

If I was managing a similar project with the same risks, I would definitely be using the services of HV Cablepower.

Andrew Whibley

Vice President: Technology and Innovation, Goldfields

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