HV Cablepower Accreditations


HV Cablepower has accreditation with ABB, LG, Tyco, Pfisterer, Sudkabel, Brugg and Prysmian up to 245kV.


Our team of cable jointers are accredited for the following:

Pfisterer Assembly Training
High Voltage Cable Jointer 52–245kV

Certificate of Completion
ABB Cable Accessories

Certificate, ABB AB, Kabeldon
Jointing and Terminating of Power Cables, 52–420kV

Ormazabal Australia Pty Ltd (Sudkabel)
Installation training for Compact Termination, Outdoor Termination, Cable Joints 52–170kV

Technical Competence Installation
Raychem Heatshrink Power Cable Accessories

Installation of 132kV, TE Connectivity/Raychem Power Cable Accessories

Assembling of 132kV XLPE Cable Accessories

Installation of 500kV Cable Accessories

Installation of 132kV Cable Accessories

Statement of Authority to Install
TE Connectivity Heatshrink Joints and Terminations at 66kV
May 2011